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Monday, October 8

8:45am CDT

10:15am CDT

"Eye" Opening to Visual Impairments A1606 Bring Science Olympiad to Your School A1605 Teaching with a Restorative Mindset: A Proactive Approach to Building Relationships in the Classroom (Session Repeats: Tuesday 8:30) A1816 Required GT Training for New Administrators/Counselors A1613 Face Reading (Session Repeats: Monday 1:15) A2513 Beyond Parental Involvement A1701 Elementary Counseling Collaborative: Bringing the Vertical Scope and Sequence to Life A1707 Creativity in the Classroom: Balancing Chaos and Structure (Session Repeats: Monday 8:45) B317: Study Hall Digital Differentiation- Making it Happen (Session Repeats: Monday 8:45) A1819 Digital Interactive Notebooks (INBs) A1818 Engaging Vocabulary Activities and Games in the World Language Classroom A1616 Exploring the Possibilities with EcoRise Curriculum Supplements A1811 Finish Strong: Teaching Academic Perserverance B100: Auditorium Higher Order Thinking: From Theory to Practice (Session Repeats: Monday 2:45) B201: Little Theater Imagine Math - New User Training (Session Repeats: Monday 8:45) B103: Black box October Digital Awareness Month- Resources Exploration Session C423 STEMscopes Recommended Materials for CER (Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning) A1812 Telling Stories and Collaborating with Google My Maps A2501 10 Things Effective Science Teachers Do A1615 Motivating the Gifted Underachiever C408 Using Twitter to Transform Teaching: #Disruptingtexts through Critical Conversations A1704 Basic Principles of Problem Behavior C426 Essential Outcomes A1620/1601-Lecture Hall Making Literacy Moves in LISD (Session Repeats: Monday 1:15) A1614 Raising the Rigor-Designing Questions that Matter (Session Repeats: Monday 8:45) C410/ROTC Unpacking the TEKS A1702-Learning Center World Languages Latin, Chinese and ASL Curriculum Design Workshop A1608 21st Century Textbook - EasyBridge C427 Low Incidence Disabilities (LID) Lesson Planning Collaborative A1710

11:45am CDT

12:30pm CDT

1:15pm CDT

2:45pm CDT

Student Empowerment Through Effective Instructional Assistant Support (Session Repeats: Tuesday 8:30) A1818 Dream Big: Creating an Innovation Space to Provide Engagement and Challenge A1805 5 Easy Steps to Turn Your Students Into Blogging Masterminds A2720 Can You Say More About That? Five Easy Ways to Help Students Elaborate in Writing (Session Repeats: Tuesday 8:30) B204: MPR/Dance Context Clues, Vocabulary Development and More with Flocabulary! (Session Repeats: Tuesday 10:00) A1712 CTE: Engaging Students with Cengage Resources (Session Repeats: Monday 1:15) A1707 CTE: Engaging Students with Pearson Resources (Session Repeats: Monday 1:15) A1710 CTE: Engaging Students with Wiley Resources A1706 CTE:Engaging Students with Goodheart-Willcox Resources (Session Repeats: Monday 1:15) A1708 Fostering a Culture of Innovation Library Google Classroom - What You Need to Know (Session Repeats: Monday 1:15) A1807 Implementing the O in WICOR A2702 Learning Spaces: Making the Most of the Third Teacher A1819 Make It Relevant A2718 Performance Towards Proficiency Through Target Language Use A1618 What Can Cooperative Learning Do for You? A1616 Who's Doing The Heavy Lifting? 5 Simple Strategies to Promote Rigor and Critical Thinking in Any Classroom C426 Won't You Be Our Neighbor? Embracing LISD's Cultures A1802 Planning with Essential Units of Study - Secondary (Session Repeats: Monday 1:15) A1608 UBD 101 A1704 Using Feedback that Guides Writers to Success C408 College & Career Pathways in LISD: Unlocking Your Potential A1620/1601-Lecture Hall All Things Google for K-2 (Session Repeats: Monday 8:45) A2501 Building Assessment Literacy (Session Repeats: Monday 1:15) A1701 Building Assessment Literacy (Session Repeats: Tuesday 10:00) A1619 Common Assessment Design and Implementation (Session Repeats: Monday 1:15) C410/ROTC Common Formative Assessments (CFAs) and Google A1808 Google Challenges (Session Repeats: Tuesday 10:00) A1607 Planning with Essential Units of Study - Elementary (Session Repeats: Monday 8:45) A1606 What Do You Do After You Get Your Data – Data Analysis Protocols (Session Repeats: Tuesday 8:30) A1811
Tuesday, October 9

8:30am CDT

Nature, Needs and Identification of the Gifted Required Training for New Secondary Advanced Course Teachers A1801 Teaching with a Restorative Mindset: A Proactive Approach to Building Relationships in the Classroom (Session Repeats: Monday 10:15) A1816 Student Empowerment Through Effective Instructional Assistant Support (Session Repeats: Monday 2:45) A1818 VRHS AVID Student Panel A1607 Writing in Science for All Kids! A1608 Help Create the Future of Professional Learning in LISD A1617 Authentic Audiences in Writer's Workshop A2501 Can You Say More About That? Five Easy Ways to Help Students Elaborate in Writing (Session Repeats: Monday 2:45) B204: MPR/Dance Experience Dyslexia A1819 Google Groups for Facilitating Learning and Discussion A1618 Incorporating Music in the SPED Classroom ESLE, ELE, SLE A1616 Interactive Math Journals for the Secondary Classroom A1701 Supporting a Student with Hearing Loss A1614 Teaching The Holocaust in the Language Arts Classroom A2518 The Great Debate- Recap vs Flipgrid A2720 The Power of Book Talks! A1803 Deepening Your Knowledge of The TEKS A1613 Digital Common Assessments A1806 What Do You Do After You Get Your Data – Data Analysis Protocols (Session Repeats: Monday 2:45) A1811 Workshopping the Canon and Doing Differently with Novel Study A1620/1601-Lecture Hall LID: Learning A-Z Basic Overview A2618 Computer Lab DBQs in Secondary Social Studies A1702-Learning Center Digital Tools for the World Languages Classroom C402 Resource/ Inclusion PLC HS ELA/Social Studies C425 Resource/Inclusion PLC for MS ELA/Social Studies C426 Resource/Inclusion PLC HS Math & Science C423 Resource/Inclusion PLC MS Math & Science C427

10:00am CDT


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