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Tuesday, October 9

8:30am CDT

Restorative Justice A1817 Nature, Needs and Identification of the Gifted Required Training for New Secondary Advanced Course Teachers A1801 Teaching with a Restorative Mindset: A Proactive Approach to Building Relationships in the Classroom (Session Repeats: Monday 10:15) A1816 How We Roll (Session Repeats: Monday 10:15) B329: Wrestling Instructional Strategies That Engage All Learners B310: Prac Gym Student Empowerment Through Effective Instructional Assistant Support (Session Repeats: Monday 2:45) A1818 VRHS AVID Student Panel A1607 Writing in Science for All Kids! A1608 Help Create the Future of Professional Learning in LISD A1617 Authentic Audiences in Writer's Workshop A2501 Can You Say More About That? Five Easy Ways to Help Students Elaborate in Writing (Session Repeats: Monday 2:45) B204: MPR/Dance Digital Breakouts A1704 EduProtocols: Student-centered Lesson Frames for All Library Experience Dyslexia A1819 Google Groups for Facilitating Learning and Discussion A1618 Incorporating Music in the SPED Classroom ESLE, ELE, SLE A1616 Powerful Learning Centers for Early Childhood Educators A1812 Supporting a Student with Hearing Loss A1614 Teaching The Holocaust in the Language Arts Classroom A2518 The Great Debate- Recap vs Flipgrid A2720 The Power of Book Talks! A1803 Get In-FORM-ative with Google! A1705 Moving the Chains: Reframing Thinking About Disabilities A1606 Revising and Editing in Kindergarten A1802 Workshopping the Canon and Doing Differently with Novel Study A1620/1601-Lecture Hall LID: Learning A-Z Basic Overview A2618 Computer Lab Credit Recovery Lab Best Practices C407 Computer Lab (Graphics) Got Transition? High School to Adulthood C403 DBQs in Secondary Social Studies A1702-Learning Center Digital Tools for the World Languages Classroom C402

10:00am CDT

RTI at Work: An Elementary and Secondary Journey B201: Little Theater Writing in Science for All Kids! A1608 AVID Culturally Relevant Teaching Digging Deeper: A Follow Up Discussion B310: Prac Gym A Magic Wand for Teaching Writing: Finding and Teaching from the Hidden Gems in Every Student’s Writing (Session Repeats: Monday 8:45, 10:15) B204: MPR/Dance Band Best Practices Share A2503 Context Clues, Vocabulary Development and More with Flocabulary! (Session Repeats: Monday 2:45) A1617 Create to Illuminate - Designing Advance Organizers That Empower Learners C408 Going Beyond ISIP: Implementing Istation as a Resource in the Classroom B103: Black box Incorporating Music in the SPED Classroom ESLE, ELE, SLE A1803 Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted A1806 Processing Strategies for Focused Note-Taking A1607 Reading A-Z and Raz Kids Overview A2618 Computer Lab Ready To Take Your Lessons Into Warp Speed? A1802 Science Escape Rooms for Middle School A1616 Strategies for Taking and Processing Notes in ESL Math Classrooms A1701 What Works with Homework? A1605 Building Student Ownership in a Digital World A1819 Crafting Effective and Relevant Essential Questions A1811 Discovering Your True Colors: Personality Temperament Model A1620/1601-Lecture Hall First Year, No Tears A2720 Below Level, On Level, Accelerated - Differentiation! (Session Repeats: Monday 2:45) A1713 Differentiation: Planning for Intervention and Enrichment in PLCs (Session Repeats: Monday 1:15) A1801 Google Challenges (Session Repeats: Monday 2:45) Library Kindergarten Collaborative A1606 LID: Modifying for Inclusion A1619

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